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Unlock Your Creative Potential

You’re a writer with stories to tell. I’m here to help you shape them. A professional writer for 30 years, I’ve been on staff, pitched, developed, and sold projects. I’m a working writer, and a coach.

In addition to coaching private clients, I’ve mentored dozens of writers in the Writers Guild Foundation’s Veteran Writing Project.

Expert Storytelling Techniques:

Whether you’re an aspiring screenwriter or television writer, I can help you navigate the unique challenges of getting your story on paper. You’ll write in your authentic voice, the special sauce that sets you apart and makes your unique perspective marketable.

The feedback and guidance I give through our one-on-one classes can help you refine your craft, making your work more engaging, impactful, and memorable.

Objective and Constructive Feedback:

I was taught early on that we don’t learn from praise. Therefore, you’ll get honest, objective feedback.

Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all approach—every writer is unique, with strengths, weaknesses, and creative visions. Whether you need help with character development, dialogue, or story structure, I can help you overcome the obstacles standing in your way.

My goal is to see you succeed with the best screenwriting advice I can offer.

Enhanced Marketability:

I understand the intricacies of the industry and know what studios, screenwriting agents, and producers are looking for. I will help you fine-tune your project, ensuring it aligns with industry standards and maximizes your chances of success. Consultations will vary depending on what you have and what you need.

We can work on a concept, pitch, first draft, your fifty fourth draft. From the creative aspects to the business side – together, we will bring your project into its brightest light, working on structure, outlining, dialogue, pitching, and producing.

I believe humor is the secret ingredient to a successful mentorship. Expect witty banter and hilarious anecdotes.

How My Online Screenwriting Course Works

First things first—will I be able to help? Are we a good fit?

Once you sign up for any of the options below, we’ll set up a 15-minute complimentary consult to determine if I can bring value to your project. If we determine I can’t, your money is refunded and we wish each other luck.

If we both see value in continuing, we can schedule our proper session or start right away.
* Please note that all sessions are conducted over Skype.

I offer a flat rate of $125 an hour for online screenwriting consultations via Skype. If you’re looking for a proof of concept, a general review of your script and/or story, or any technical advice, 1 hour should do the trick.

I offer my services to everyone from aspiring and beginner screenwriters to industry professionals. Depending on your needs, an hour alone may not be enough, so I’ve developed packages to give us time to go deeper into your project and save you money.

Online Screenwriting Class packages

Online Screenwriting: Flat Hourly Rate ($125): Ideal for those looking for a new set of expert eyes or ears to validate your work or ideas, a general review, the steps to take on your journey to becoming a tv writer or scriptwriter, or whatever questions or help you may need.

Online Screenwriting: The Starter Kit ($200): Dip your toes into the screenwriting world with our Starter Kit. You’ll receive a one-on-one 2-hour session where I’ll give feedback on your script concept and structure, and offer personalized tips to get you started.

Online Screenwriting: The Story Shaper ($325): Ready to shape your story into something truly remarkable? This package includes 3 1-hour sessions tailored to your specific script. I’ll help you refine your plot, develop compelling characters, and lock down your outline. With 3 1-hour sessions you get feedback to work on, in between sessions.

Online Screenwriting: The Blockbuster Builder ($500): Lights, camera, action! With this package, you’ll receive 5 1-hour sessions that dive deep into your script. I’ll guide you through the intricacies of pacing, tension-building, and genre-specific techniques. You’ll also receive detailed feedback and suggestions for you to work on between sessions.

The Masterpiece Maker ($1400): Ready to unleash your screenwriting masterpiece? Our Masterpiece Maker package offers 12 hours of intensive sessions covering every aspect of your script. You decide how many sessions you’d like (up to 12). From the first page to the last, I’ll help you polish your story, elevate your characters, and perfect your dialogue. You’ll receive comprehensive feedback, including written notes when necessary,  and script analysis throughout.

Yep, It’s Like Having Your Own Online Screenwriting Class

My years of mentoring and coaching have taught me how to teach and guide efficiently and effectively, providing my students with tangible and concrete actions to move forward with confidence. Whether you’re a screenwriter or television writer, I want my services to be a transformative step toward realizing your writing goals.

In a group class you’re under pressure to keep up with the class pace. Every writer is different as is every story, each needing to be nurtured in a way that makes sense for both.

And although it may sometimes be helpful to learn from the feedback given to others in a group class, with me you’re like an only child. It’s you and me, just you and me, you and me all the time. Eyes on your project only.

Need help developing character? Injecting conflict? Finding the most compelling act breaks? We work together, one on one, to hone and sharpen each element of your project in your voice.

Why in the world would you listen to me?

My career began with half-hour television—developing, writing, pitching, and selling scripts for both single and multi-camera formats. I branched out to also write and produce feature films. I love writing so much I even wrote an entire book.

Since you’re on that book’s website, you might know that I sold it to Netflix as a series with an air-date in late 2024. I’m also a writer and producer on the show. While comedy is my jam, I’m equally versed in drama and memoir, even have thrillers and action-adventure screenplays under my belt.

I love hearing your stories and helping you make them the best they can be. Norman Lear, my mentor, told me early on in my career that “there’s room for everyone in the industry” and he was right. So get your pen to paper, or fingers to keys and let’s get started!

I’ve had the privilege of working with Greg on my writing projects and have seen dozens of other writers benefit from his guidance as well. Greg’s vast writing and entertainment industry experience allow him to provide invaluable feedback and direction for writers.

His ability to balance the writer’s vision with industry sensibility helps bring out the best version of your project every time.

Greg is truly an expert at both the art and the craft of writing and is able to share that gift with others through his writing and script consulting services.

Addison Williams, Screenwriter
Greg Cope White is a brilliant writer and a benevolent maestro.

With a sharp eye, and unwavering enthusiasm he has guided me through countless projects, offering resolutions and thought-provoking considerations.

His instinct and attention to detail make him an all-encompassing and engaging mentor and consummate professional. Greg deserves every accolade thrown at him. Priceless is one of them.

Phil Day, Peabody Award Winning Director
Greg is that best kind of consultant/editor: Kind, but honest.

Highly skilled and accomplished, but down-to-earth and expansive. Greg’s eyes on your work will make it funnier, tighter, and better. If you’re looking for encouragement and confidence, look no further.

Paul Walling, Writer/Playwright
A lot of people will tell you how to write the way they write. But Greg coaches you to write the way you write when you’re at your best.

In my own script, he’s helped me hone my good ideas, nix my bad ones, experiment with tone and character choices, and see my way out of the wilderness of agonizing writer’s block.

Greg’s writing advice is not only specific and practically applicable (though it is that), but it’s also theoretically applicable to what I’m trying to say generally.

So when I’m stuck on a different problem weeks later after talking to Greg, I’ll find myself coming back to his advice again and again to help me continue to find my way.

Jo Dasher, Screenwriter
Greg Cope White is one of the most knowledgeable, thoughtful, and empathetic writers in the business.

Greg is one of the best people you could ask for notes because he knows how to give notes correctly. First, Greg figures out what the writer is trying to do and then he figures out how to get them there.

Greg is always the first person I go to for notes, and he should be the first person you should go to as well.

Brian McDevitt, Television Writer

Please direct your attention to some fancy stuff below.  Lawyers, am I right?

Please note that while Greg provides expert advice and guidance, success in the screenwriting industry depends on various factors beyond his control, including market conditions, industry preferences, and individual talent and dedication. Greg aims to support and enhance your screenwriting journey but does not guarantee specific outcomes or results.