Greg Cope White is a screenwriter, producer, author, USMC veteran and inveterate bon vivant. 

Greg Cope White

​Greg graduated (sorry I fainted there a sec) with a sense of purpose, accomplishment and more importantly, a group with whom he belonged. Camaraderie is an unbelievable feeling.

He served six years in the Marines, achieving the rank of Sergeant. Truly a glutton for punishment, he went on to complete USMC Officer Candidates School over the course of two summers after boot camp—effectively completing basic training three times.

After the Marines, Greg moved to NYC to learn writing and then to Los Angeles to earn from writing. He got a solid break and continued to hone his craft, writing on sitcom staffs, live comedy, speeches, HuffPost articles and a personal blog. That blog led to a hosting gig for Food Network.

He produced & wrote the Netflix Original films Walk Ride Rodeo and Holiday Rush, now streaming. Other writing credits include shows on HBO, Disney, CBS, NBC, FOX & Comedy Central and both Norman Lear’s The Powers That Be and 704 Hauser.

Greg mentors military veterans on their quest to write for film and TV for the Writer’s Guild Foundation Veterans Writing Project. 

​He loves to cook. And travel everywhere, which is a good thing since he found his happily ever after other half – in Canada. Finally his packing skills get put to good use.


Greg Records The Pink Marine For Audible


American Veteran [PBS] illuminates the veteran experience with a stunning range of voices from today and across the arc of American history.  Greg was honored to participate in this 4 part series.


The New York Times focuses on a few of the veterans highlighted in the PBS series, Greg was thrilled to be a part of both the series and this interview.


Acclaimed journalist and NPR host Krys Boyd talks with Greg about his memoir The Pink Marine, and his experience as a closeted member of the armed forces.

When my best friend told me he was spending the summer at Marine Corps boot camp, all I heard was ‘Summer’ and ‘Camp’.