Greg Cope White is a screenwriter, producer, author, USMC veteran and inveterate bon vivant. 

Greg Cope White

Greg is a seventh-generation Texan born in Lubbock. His family moved around the country often. By the time he graduated high school at age 16, he’d attended 13 schools in 11 years. These life twists allowed Greg to collect characters and stories he’d transform into in his future writing. At 18, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. Being gay in the military was illegal. What could have been the worst decision of his life turned out to be one of his best.

During the six years he served, Greg kept his sexuality a secret. He eventually earned the rank of Sergeant, then packed his honorable discharge from the USMC and moved to New York City where he studied acting and writing. Then to Los Angeles, where he got his writing break when he landed a job with Norman Lear.

After years of struggling to earn his place at the Hollywood table, he’s written television shows and movies produced by CBS, NBC, Fox, Comedy Central, HBO, and Netflix. Known for writing comedy with a heart, he sought to write a memoir through that same lens. But he’d never written a book, only scripts.

To develop his narrative writing skills, Greg created a blog with humorous stories about his childhood, his USMC adventures, his pet monkey, and his passion for cooking.

He then wrote and published his first memoir, The Pink Marine.

The book was sold to Sony Pictures Television and developed into a series. Netflix bought it and ordered 10 episodes. He is a writer and producer on the series and is currently in pre-production for Season 1.


Greg Records The Pink Marine For Audible


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When my best friend told me he was spending the summer at Marine Corps boot camp, all I heard was ‘Summer’ and ‘Camp’.